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Best Half Day Snorkeling Trip on the island

On our private half day snorkeling trip we take you and your group to the best snorkeling spots Curacao has to offer. We start from the Spanish Water where we make a scenic tour around the the mangrove islands and then head out to a popular snorkeling site called TugBoat.

Tugboat wreck is a small towboat that sank close to 30 years ago. The story has it that a large ship dropped its anchor on it causing it to start taking on water. As the crew rushed it for the shore the 40 ft/ 12 m tow boat sank in the shallows. Now its one the most popular snorkeling sites of our island and the is lots of fish to and beautiful corals to see there.

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by Turtle & Ray productions

After this trip we cruise to the bay of Jan Thiel for our second Snorkeling spot. Here is a small wreck of a sailboat with again lots of collorfull fish and corals. This wreck was sank here purposely as a natural reef. After this bay we head to fuikbaai and cruise around the bay. This is a great spot to see sea turtles catching a breath on the surface.

Boat: Bar Four II

When: Every Day

Maximum: 15 persons

Time: Flexible, morning, afternoon

Location: Kima Kalki Marina, Brakkeput Ariba 62

Includes: Drinks (Beer, wine, water, softdrinks) and Snacks, towel           service and snorkel equipment

Price: On request

Pick Up: USD 10 Per Location